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A successful consumer rebate program does more than just lift sales. It delivers a positive brand experience that creates loyalty and repeat customers. PFC makes it easy to execute a consumer rebate program that’s cost-effective for you and highly engaging for your brand.

As a rebate processing company, PFC can support a wide range of rebate program types – retail and manufacturer rebates, online and virtual rebates, co-branded offers, multi-channel programs, point of sale and more.

Enhance your brand experience with a dynamic, well-executed promotions program from PFC.
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What PFC Offers

  • Rebate program consulting and processing
  • Legal compliance and escheatment
  • Form design and printing
  • Data capture – desktop, smartphone, tablet
  • Online rebate systems
  • Mail-in rebate processing
  • Distribution of physical or virtual gift cards
  • Online rebate tracker solution
  • Customer service
  • Fraud control

Online Rebates

As more consumers seek the convenience of speed along with a great incentive, PFC offers solutions like virtual rebates and online rebate programs. Brands and their customers get the convenience of fast, accurate online processing.

In addition to delivering a seamless online rebate process, PFC offers the flexibility of choosing a physical rebate check/card or a virtual VISA gift card sent via email. And through our customizable online tracker tool, brands and customers can check the status of their rebates 24/7. Request a Demo

What PFC Offers

  • Online rebate systems including tracker tool
  • Cost-effective options – reduced postage, processing
  • Faster turn times and complete transparency
  • Complete mobile solution & compatibility with all devices
  • Comprehensive fraud detection
  • Detailed 24/7 tracking, reporting, analytics

Give your customers simple, fast, accurate rebate redemption. Contact PFC today and request a demo.

Compliance / Fraud Control

Promotions programs that aren’t compliant with federal and state regulations can face severe penalties that cost millions. PFC takes promotion compliance seriously. We’re here to deliver peace of mind by making sure your promotion is fully compliant.

PFC’s established promotion fraud systems are backed by an expert staff of CPAs and promotions lawyers. We’re current on all unclaimed property laws and reporting requirements for each state and offer a cost-effective solution for escheatment management. Escheatment – the process of turning over unclaimed rebate funds to state authorities – is aggressively enforced by individual state attorneys. PFC protects you from costly penalties by making sure you’re compliant with all rules of escheatment.


Promotion Fraud Control

Rebate fraud causes millions of lost dollars each year. While PFC prides itself on delivering excellent service to your customers, we’re also here to protect you from fraudulent activity that could result in lost revenue.

PFC offers five levels of fraud control beginning with mail review and a series of checks that ensure there are no duplicate submissions, repeat addresses or incomplete requirements (i.e. proof of purchase & receipts). Eliminating promotion fraud saves you money and helps prevent future devious activity.

Let PFC take the worry out of promotion compliance and fraud control. Contact one of our team members today.