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Online apparel and clothing retailers face complex fulfillment and shipping challenges that are different from other products. Fashion trends are quick to change, seasonal surges are the norm, and buyers expect easy returns and an exceptionally high level of customer service. All those challenges, coupled with the fact that 46% of all 2020 U.S. apparel sales were made online, have driven many apparel brands to hire an expert third-party logistics partner to manage their ecommerce order fulfillment.

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Apparel eCommerce Fulfillment

PFC can help apparel and clothing retailers stay competitive and build strong brand loyalty that guarantees return buyers. From inventory management and order processing to bagging, tagging, shipping, and returns, we offer comprehensive apparel ecommerce fulfillment for many items:

  • Women’s wear – dresses, intimates
  • Men’s wear – t-shirts, hats, uniforms
  • Kids apparel and baby/toddler clothing
  • Active wear
  • Footwear
  • Accessories
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24/7 Order Fulfillment Technology

For retailers looking for seamless and easy ecommerce apparel selling, order fulfillment technology can make all the difference. PFC’s web-based solution is an advanced warehouse management system that integrates and handles all of our fulfillment services including receiving, inventory management, order processing, and even transportation. Our customers get access to their most critical data anytime, from anywhere:

  • Seamlessly integrate with our technology
  • Check inventory 24/7 from any location
  • Get real-time access to sales, order status, shipping, returns
  • Get custom reporting and analysis through our client portal

High SKU Counts

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Because fashion trends and seasonal styles are always changing and there are typically multiple colors and sizes for each clothing item, frequent SKU turnover and high SKU counts are common for apparel fulfillment. Poor SKU organization quickly leads to slow order processing and higher fulfillment costs.

PFC’s ecommerce fulfillment technology is equipped to manage high-volume SKU counts, ensuring proper inventory management and ultimately a better customer experience with smooth order processing and no shipping delay.

Apparel and Clothing Returns

Apparel and clothing returns far outnumber returns on any other consumer product bought online. It’s critical to have an efficient returns processing program that makes it easy for customers to make a return and gets the return processed and restocked quickly and correctly.

PFC has developed an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) system that serves as the dynamic framework for our apparel fulfillment customers. Using the system, we work with customers to streamline and fully customize their returns process, so buyers get a better returns experience from start to finish.


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Most apparel orders have specific packaging requirements like folding, bagging, tagging, or labeling. Inventory management and order processing can be greatly improved by implementing efficient packaging procedures.

PFC has full packaging capabilities and also offers custom kitting and assembly services if your apparel fulfillment needs require a more personalized touch like gift wrapping or handwritten notes.

Fast Shipping

Save time and shipping costs when you partner with PFC for your apparel and clothing ecommerce fulfillment. With the flexibility of our multiple-carrier network, we find our customers the best possible shipping costs with the fastest delivery available.

  • Optimized shipping strategy for each customer
  • Flexibility of multiple carriers – UPS, FedEx, USPS
  • Multiple warehouses with same-day shipping on orders
  • Reach 80% of U.S. population in 1-3 days
  • Try PFC’s no-risk shipping analysis

Customer Support Services

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PFC also offers third-party call center and customer support for apparel and clothing retailers, with specialists who are trained to represent your brand and provide expert service by phone, email, or whatever channel you need. Contact our team today to discuss a customized support program for your business.

  • PFC is a fantastic partner for us. They handle all clothing fulfillment and shipping services for a brand we manage and offer full warehouse services as well as customer support. They are extraordinary and very transparent to work with.
  • CEO, Apparel Company