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Like many industries, the health and beauty market has changed significantly in recent years – from the expanding portfolio of products being offered to the channels in which products are sold. Although in-store purchases still have a place for some sales, both mass-market and niche brands have shifted their focus heavily to selling through digital channels. It’s no surprise, as the online share of beauty and personal care products is predicted to reach 48% by 2023. That’s why more brands are turning to third-party logistics partners to achieve their need for fast and reliable ecommerce order fulfillment.

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PFC Fulfillment provides expert product fulfillment services to a wide variety of health and beauty retailers. Our multichannel order processing and distribution platforms seamlessly integrate with all your sales channels to deliver an unmatched brand fulfillment experience for customers.

  • Modern 3PL fulfillment for health and beauty brands
  • Cosmetics fulfillment – skin care, hair care, makeup, fragrance
  • Outsourced fulfillment for personal care
  • Complete order management capabilities
  • Timely, accurate order delivery that drives brand loyalty


The fulfillment of health and beauty products is often more complex than the fulfillment of other products. In many cases, the use of qualified or licensed warehousing is required and staff may need training to handle special items.

As an FDA-registered food facility with temperature-controlled storage, PFC can handle, store, and ship products in optimal climate conditions to maintain the integrity and safety of products such as heat-sensitive cosmetics. Our centralized fulfillment centers in Iowa provide over 350,000 square feet of Class A and bulk floor space, securely monitored with capabilities to process health and beauty products.


There is no question that brand loyalty can be strengthened by creative product packaging, especially in the health and beauty category. For online purchases, the consumer’s unboxing experience is where first impressions of a brand are made.

The kitting and assembly services provided by PFC can elevate the perceived value of a brand and set it apart from the competition. Branded packaging can be enhanced through unique box materials or creative inserts such as stickers, coupons, or product samples. Adding a personal note or gift wrapping are other ways to increase the likelihood of future health and beauty purchases.

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In recent years, subscription boxes have played a role in the growth of direct-to-consumer ecommerce fulfillment for the health and beauty market. Many brands in this category sell products that customers frequently use and need more of regularly – and a subscription box is the perfect way to get more product delivered on a repeat schedule.

PFC Fulfillment has years of experience managing subscription box services for health and beauty products. Programs are fully customizable and scalable to any order volume, and with our climate-controlled storage capabilities we can fulfill many different types of products – from makeup and cosmetics to personal care.


Lot tracking systems are required of any product that requires approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). While most any medical and food/beverage product requires it, many health and beauty products also need FDA registration and lot tracking.

PFC can track customer products in different ways – by inventory location, production or expiration date, ingredients, or manufacturer. We can also maintain multiple lots of similar product and release orders by a certain sequence as needed. These tracking capabilities makes it easy to gather specific data on certain lots or even track specific product back to a consumer.

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Most health and beauty brands are selling across multiple channels at any given time – in-store, on their website, on third-party sites, or through social media. Which is why multi-channel integration of all sales, order processing, and order fulfillment functions is so important.

The fulfillment technologies used by PFC seamlessly integrate with today’s most popular ecommerce software like BigCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, and dozens more. This gives retailers access to all critical data in real-time – product inventory level, order tracking, delivery status, returns, and more. Click here for PFC’s full list of integration  partners.


When health and beauty brands partner with a 3PL that has established relationships with carriers and extensive knowledge of shipping and freight regulations, they have the competitive advantage of getting the fastest delivery option at the lowest possible cost.

By reviewing shipping terms along with package weight and destination, PFC can rate shop across multiple carriers – USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and others. This ensures the best-way shipping option for your health and beauty products.

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