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Amazon FBA Prep Services

Whether you’re exclusively an Amazon seller or using multiple sales channels to reach your customers, PFC offers a full range of Amazon FBA Prep services.

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Partner with PFC for your Amazon FBA Prep Services – and spend more time growing your business.
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Full Amazon Compliance

Products received and stored by Amazon under the FBA model have strict packaging and preparation requirements. Sellers that fail to comply with FBA Prep guidelines risk having their inventory refused, returned or disposed of. PFC’s track record of excellent Amazon fulfillment support and compliance means you don’t need to worry about meeting strict FBA criteria – because we do it for you.

FBA Prep Services

  • Receiving/Forwarding
  • Product Inspection
  • Bundling/Repackaging
  • FNSKU Labeling
  • Fragile Item Preparation
  • Expiration Dates
  • Storage

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

As an alternative to FBA, Amazon offers Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) – allowing sellers to display the desirable Amazon Prime badge on products fulfilled from their own facilities or a 3PL provider. As a qualified 3PL with years of Amazon fulfillment support experience, PFC can help you sell to Prime members without the worry of strict shipping standards and many other SFP program requirements.

Seamless Integration

Through our industry-leading integrated solutions, PFC offers a full range of Amazon fulfillment services for both Seller Central and Vendor Central. For sellers, our automated Amazon interface retrieves orders through APIs for processing and shipping. For vendors, we automatically connect with Amazon’s vendor system to quickly manage orders and prepare product shipment to their warehouse. Regardless of your set-up, we make Amazon integration seamless and simple.

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