Flawless Execution. Happy Consumers.

PFC has invested significant resources in developing a world-class coupon processing system with sophisticated platforms for forecasting, fraud detection and analytics. From front end consultation and design to back end reporting, PFC ensures your coupon program is operating at the highest level of effectiveness.

Why Coupons?

  • Encourage trial for a new product or to lift sales of an existing product.
  • Entice competitors’ customers to try a product and switch to your brand.
  • Build loyalty. Encourage customers to purchase a product multiple times to generate habit-forming sales.
  • Analyze market research. A well-designed coupon can help determine price sensitivity or other needed data.
  • Track marketing. A coupon can be encoded to track redemptions by vehicle.
  • CRM tool. A coupon can be provided as an enticement to subscribe to newsletters and provide useful marketing information.
  • Retailer support. Gaining shelf space can be problematic. A strong coupon program may help convince retailers to stock a product.

Our Coupon Processing Services Include:

  • Consumer Targeting & Design
  • Fraud Control
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Clearing Cycle
  • Distribution Vehicles
  • Online & Mobile
  • Accuracy Controls & Quick Turn Times