The Evolution eCommerce And How Merchants Are Adapting

Navigating the Marketplace

Today’s marketplace is forever changing and becoming more competitive by the minute. If merchants don’t adopt the strategies required to navigate the ever-shifting landscape, they will inevitably fall behind the pack and risk the inability to recover. Refusing to recognize this need for adaptability is the reason why many businesses have to ultimately shutter the doors and turn off the lights for the final time. So, what are a few tactics companies can utilize to overcome any potential barriers created by the competition?

Better Websites, E-mail Blasts, and Social Media

One way is a website redesign. A user-friendly, responsive website that performs on any and every device is paramount. Data must be accessible in an efficient fashion, or the consumer will move on to the next merchant in the blink of an eye. A redesigned platform that is easy to use and will allow the growth of a website – enabling it to integrate new and improved technologies – is a necessity. In conjunction with a redesigned, high-performance website, is the e-mail blast. E-mail blasts, potentially personalized, and full of special offers, gorgeous graphics, and links make it easy for a potential customer to click off to the website and hopefully surf, select, and purchase. And, the power of social media can not be disregarded. Marketing oneself for free on sites like Facebook and Twitter, is invaluable and necessary in this day and age.

Fast, Free Shipping

Another surefire marketing tactic is offering fast, free shipping. We live in a culture of instant gratification, and consumers will almost always seek out speedy, affordable shipping as one of the biggest motivators in choosing one merchant over another. Online mega-retailers who offer this perk have single-handedly put a wrench in the works of many smaller businesses, driving them to follow suit and also offer this deal for their goods and services. Businesses must know their competition and adapt accordingly.

PFC Fulfillment Offers Proven Performance

If you depend on a third-party fulfillment center to expedite your orders, be sure you choose one that can deliver on your promises! With over 40 years of fulfillment experience, PFC Fulfillment goes above and beyond your expectations, offering customized solutions to merchants who depend on them to maintain the integrity of their brand. You can trust PFC to deliver outstanding results, every time.

Adapt and Succeed!

It’s a jungle out there. You must optimize your business and marketing strategies to keep up. Update your website, and be sure to keep e-mail blasts and social media in your toolbox. Above all, customers want fast, free shipping. Give them what they want and reap the benefits of your ability to adapt!

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