Integrated Fulfillment Solutions for ECommerce Integrated Solutions for a Multichannel World

Integrated Solutions for a Multichannel World

Today’s fulfillment centers must be adaptable, scalable and flexible to meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace. PFC’s integrated suite of services delivers world-class marketing logistics at a competitive rate. Give your brand a strategic advantage by partnering with PFC.

Our process is second to none

Fulfillment Services and Capabilitiess PFC Our process is second to none

PFC has spent decades analyzing every step of fulfillment management. Starting with the receiving process through the confirmation of completed manifests – we consistently maintain a highly-controlled and professional working environment.

Our warehouse has the ability to ship with any standard carrier and can deploy a wide-range of package grouping and separating techniques to ensure the most effective means of delivery.

PFC also offers a wide range of package customization including gift wrap, personalized messages, special insertions, kit assembly and other custom packaging solutions.

Electronic Order Management

PFC provides a single-source solution for all your orders, regardless of the channel. We achieve this through leading ecommerce technology that offers uncomplicated file transmissions and secure portal access anytime, anywhere you need it.

In today’s Omnichannel marketplace, you can count on PFC to deliver on your brand promise and keep pace with your tech-savvy consumers.

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Secure Payment Processing

Our experience working with some of the nation’s leading brands has sharpened our commitment to the highest level of data protection and transaction security of your fulfillment program. It’s what allows us to deliver secure data storage, encrypted transaction processing and superior customer relationship management.

At PFC, our top priority is ensuring your data is safe and your brand is protected.

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Kitting, Assembly & Subscriptions

It’s all about the details. PFC ensures your orders are kitted and assembled to your exact specifications every time. We achieve this through upfront planning, preparation and training. Trust PFC to deliver the perfect ecommerce order to your valued customers. Whether it’s a new set of items shipped each month or different components delivered each day, PFC is here to ensure your customers’ expectations are exceeded.

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Optimized Shipping Models

Ready to save on shipping? PFC has historically saved brands up to 20 percent on their current rates. We do this by carefully analyzing the transit time, weight and location of each package to determine the optimal ship method.

PFC can significantly reduce your cost per fulfillment order and alleviate the time and stress of negotiating with countless shippers. But it doesn't stop there; we audit shippers on a regular basis to ensure the selected model is achieving its goal.

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Inventory & Warehouse Management

Technology is the backbone of our fulfillment process. Our industry-leading Warehouse Management System acts as the hub of your ecommerce supply chain solution; integrating accounting, order and shipping software systems, lot control, reporting software, radio frequency, barcode hardware and warehouse automation equipment.

Our climate-controlled, FDA registered food facility provides secure storage with keyless entry and camera monitoring.

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Contact Center Services

The face of customer care is rapidly evolving. PFC has kept pace by offering leading contact center services that put the voice of the customer first. We work closely with our clients to manage KPIs for upsells, average speed of answer, talk time and other performance metrics.

Regardless of the channel, PFC’s Contact Center delivers high levels of customer satisfaction to drive loyalty and capture the essence of your brand promise with every satisfied caller.

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Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

PFC’s real-time reporting tool delivers key metrics with an attractive and intuitive visual interface enabling strategic and tactical decision-making. Through our secure portal, you have the ability to view up-to-date inventory levels, turn times, top moving SKUs and other supply chain analytics. This data can be sorted and filtered in the manner that best meets your needs and can be accessed via desktop PC or any mobile device.

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Metrics to help you succeed

PFC is always searching for the best way to manage your brand’s consumer experience. We achieve this through our complex selection and package routing systems that factors in cost analysis, ship/delivery location and other service level metrics.

Products returned to our warehouse go through a thorough inspection process and the disposition and condition is entered directly into the client’s account to provide detailed analysis and reason codes for all returns. Products are then analyzed for potential resale and restock, following guidelines that have been predetermined by the client.

PFC also delivers business metrics on inventory stock levels, velocity of shipments and a detailed receipt-against-purchase order fulfillment system. This gives our clients complete visibility into their supply chain and allows them to make smart and powerful future business decisions.

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