• Warehouse1200 Speed to market that exceeds industry standards.

    Speed to market that exceeds industry standards.

  • Reports1200 Historically saving large brands upward of 30% on operational costs.

    Historically saving large brands upward of 30% on operational costs.

  • Single Solution for Multi Channel Program
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Our promotions fulfillment company offers complete retail and online sales fulfillment solutions; product fulfillment, literature fulfillment, Amazon fulfillment and other business fulfillment solutions.

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Looking to build brand loyalty? PFC has you covered with services like social media and mobile marketing programs for rebates, sweepstakes, games, contests and coupons.

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Outsource your eCommerce fulfillment needs with PFC. Our fulfillment warehouses offer low cost eCommerce order fulfillment to businesses of all sizes including Amazon sellers.

E Commerce Customer Service Fulfillment Promotions Contact Center

Contact Center

Our skilled and friendly customer service agents are here to expertly answer any customer inquiry and deliver a superior brand experience to your valued consumers. 

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With so many fulfillment companies to choose from, how do you choose a fulfillment company that is right for you?

At PFC, we deliver complete business fulfillment and marketing logistics solutions to maximize your return on investment.  Our proven fulfillment solutions speak for themselves.

Each of our fulfillment or promotions services can be applied to your business to deliver efficiency and flexibility. We provide comprehensive reporting that gives you complete visibility across multiple program channels.  

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Package Perfect Results.

Package Perfect Results.

When it comes to e-Commerce, half the fun is in the delivery. We'll delight your customers and build brand loyalty with our suite of e-commerce services guaranteed to deliver smiles.

PFC offers seamless, comprehensive turnkey e-fulfillment solutions with customized carts, real-time tracking and multiple delivery options. With services like 24-hour ship guarantees, 24/7 customer service and automated email and mobile communications ? we know your customers will be coming back for more.

  • Warehouse and Distribution Services
  • Customer Service Support
  • Auto Email Communications
  • Real Time Connectivity
  • Flexible Order Status & Tracking
  • Programming & Integration Services
  • Wide Range of Shipping Options

For 35 years, PFC has provided successful promotion and fulfillment services for clients across the country. Our experience and expertise are the hallmarks of our success. We keep track of the details, from escheatment to legal compliance, and allow you to focus on your business.

You can count on us to handle your next rebate, fulfillment, coupon or sweepstakes program. Whether yours is a Fortune 500, mid-size or small company, we will create and manage a marketing effort to deliver the results you need.

PFC Quality Icon Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality

At Promotion Fulfillment Center, we are confident in our business processes and commitment to excellence, so much so that we have adopted a Service Guarantee that we stand by every day.

Our promotions and fulfillment operations are based on best practices and industry standards.  Our rebate processors and order fulfillment and marketing promotions staff are as professional as they come.  We strive to run the most efficient warehouse fulfillment services nationally with state of the art warehousing technologies. We are always refining our solutions to save you more time and money.

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Apparel Fulfillment

Apparel Fulfillment

posted on: 3/25/2015

Apparel companies require a full range of expert services to match challenges unique to the industry. With complex inventories and an ever-growing demand for a focused consumer-experience, you need a fulfillment company with attention to detail and a real sense of systems management.

Are You Prepared for the Dimensional Weight Pricing Model?

Are You Prepared for the Dimensional Weight Pricing Model?

posted on: 2/4/2015

With careful planning and a little legwork, you can work around this shipping rate hike that was thrust upon the world by UPS and FedEx, or at least make it more tolerable. And we can help!