At PFC, we listen to the business goals of our clients and apply technology where necessary to allow your brand to succeed. Every detail of your program is carefully analyzed to determine where technology can play a pivotal role to enhance the consumer experience and achieve program objectives.

onboarding process

Phase One: Initiation

We begin with a detailed discovery session that provides a thorough scope of the project as well as an overview of the client’s goals and objectives, both short and long term. This allows us to identify a project team for the program and create a baseline plan for onboarding and implementation.

Phase Two: Planning

During this phase we validate your program and document all requirements. We then develop criteria for success as well as an initial risk assessment, both of which are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure continuous process improvement. The project plan is finalized following client review and acceptance.

Phase Three: Execution

We kick off the project plan and manage your program’s integration from every aspect including technology, contact center, operations, client services, procurement and finance. We control both the schedule and scope of the project with a focus on quality as well as thorough and accurate information distribution.

Phase Four: Go Live

The program is rolled out following a complete transition and operational test runs. Client Services manage the day-to-day operations and offers cross-team collaboration to ensure the highest levels of communication. Our online reporting tool offers transparent access into the success of your program and allows you to make critical operations and marketing decisions.

Phase Five: Review & Measure

At post launch, we review and validate the success factors to determine what went well and where improvements can be made. A complete post-launch assessment is delivered to each client to aid in future programs.