PFC Offers Help To Sellers Affected By Amazon Limiting Shipments

amazon FBM boxWith the COVID-19 virus still spreading and concerns continuing to grow, restrictions are also expanding. Many companies have been forced to modify their business operations.

Amazon is one of the recent companies to do so, announcing that sellers who rely on Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) will be restricted from utilizing Amazon for new shipments until April 5.

There is also the chance that this will be extended, depending on how things go in the immediate future.

An Unprecedented Shift To On-Line Shopping

Local stores that are still open have been picked clean of essential items such as groceries, medical supplies, sanitizing agents and other household staples.

Plus, many stores are shuttering their doors which is causing a massive increase in online shopping. Amazon has felt the pressure on supplies too.

With such a quick unprecedented surge in fulfillment needs, they are falling behind. In response, Amazon is shifting its resources to focus on fulfilling these types of essential products.

As a result, merchants that use FBA will not be able to ship products and use Amazon’s fulfillment services until at least April 5. This policy has gone into effect for US, UK, and EU markets.

PFC Offers Amazon FBM Services As An Alternative

For businesses affected by this, PFC is here to help you continue to utilize Amazon as a sales channel. Switching to FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant) model will take some of the load off of Amazon since the merchants are then responsible for fulfilling and shipping their products.

PFC can seamlessly integrate into Amazon FBM and fulfill those orders and save you operational costs, yet you maintain Amazon as a sales channel.


If your business has been affected by Amazon’s limitations, please fill out our contact form below so we can get the process started.

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