Delivering on the Brand Experience

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With the holidays rapidly approaching and ecommerce shopping ramping up, this is a very crucial time of year to ensure you are delivering on your brand experience. We are a country of brand-lovers. Even young kids know which brand famous logos represent…so relentlessly are we all exposed to the marketing and advertisements of such. A customer’s experience with any particular brand and ecommerce interaction can make or break their loyalty to that company, and determine whether or not they should choose to patronize them in the future.

If a customer loves a brand, he or she will advertise it free of charge; the logo emblazoned across shirts, shoes, hats, handbags, etc. If not, they’ll seek out a new favorite in no time flat. Even more, they’ll take to social media to praise, or lambast, a brand for all the world to see. One good review can influence countless people to try a brand, while a single bad review can damage a brand’s image indefinitely, and sometimes, irreversibly. Many people are hesitant to even try a new restaurant, or stay at a new hotel, unless it has accumulated sufficient favorable reviews. Protecting your brand is an around-the-clock endeavor, and excellent customer service and execution is king.

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Speaking of the customer, try putting yourself in his or her place. Making any kind of purchase involves the head and the heart, and emotions come into play. Does your brand experience make your customer feel good, important, pampered, attractive, discerning, popular, or respected? Does your product deliver on the promises that you made about it? Is it worth it for a potential customer to spend their hard-earned dollars with you instead of the other guy? No amount of cleverly designed logos, fancy marketing ploys, or websites with all the bells and whistles can make up for a poor brand experience.

Say a first-time customer purchases a product from your website and their package contains the wrong item, or the item within arrives damaged or poorly presented. These scenarios can be particularly troublesome when that particular item was shipped as a gift. Without resolving and handling appropriately, it’s doubtful you’ll earn repeat business from that first-time customer. You can trust PFC to ensure accurate and efficient fulfillment of every order and the perfect presentation of such, so your customer doesn’t end up disappointed, and your reputation marred. We treat your customer right. We wow them. We make the fantasy you created, become a reality.

At PFC, we understand the very important role we play in delivering our clients’ brand experience. You take care of impressing them on the front end, and we’ll take care of them on the back end while exceeding their expectations. Trust the integrity of our brand’s reputation to hold up the integrity of yours. Contact PFC today!

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