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Third Party Fulfillment Metrics

If you’re going to entrust your business transactions to a third party fulfillment center, they should be prepared to prove themselves worthy. A center that employs leading technology that provides easily-accessible, real-time reporting and analytics, can enable you to strategize and recalibrate business decisions on a day-to-day basis.

Four Ways to Counter the FedEx/UPS Weight Charges

According to numerous sources, the changes FedEx and UPS will make to their dimensional weight fees effective January 1, 2015 will impact up to 33% of all ground packages. These higher rates can be mitigated with some additional planning and analysis. This article will explore four ways you can reduce your rates.

Role of Promotion in the Marketing Mix

Promotions are an integral part of the marketing mix. In general, promotions tend to focus on how to attract the attention of consumers and motivate them to take action or make a purchase. There are many ways marketers can go about promoting a product or service, but it requires strategic research into the target audience and where to find them.

Best Practices – Inventory Management

The growth of omnichannel shopping transactions has created the need for increased inventory control as well as flexible, faster and more accurate order fulfillment. These factors contribute to the need to convert distribution warehouses into dynamic, integrated and scalable product fulfillment centers.

5 Promotional Trends for 2014

The age of the smart shopper is upon us – and it’s not going to change anytime soon. While competition for consumer dollars has become increasingly fierce, brands must deploy a wide range of promotion strategies and solutions to give them an edge in today’s marketplace.

5 Key Takeaways From 2013

Each year brings a new set of challenges for brands as technology continues to play a larger role in consumer shopping behaviors, marketing execution and logistics management. There was much to be learned from the innovations of 2013 and here we offer five key takeaways to ensure a smooth and seamless transition into 2014.

Tips For Optimizing Your Returns Process

Today, 86 percent of consumers review the returns policy during the purchase lifecycle, making returns a critical component of the consumer experience.

How do brands respond to these demands while still remaining profitable? This article will address some of the latest trends in reverse logistics and offer tips on what makes a good package returns policy.

10 Trends in Rebates and Sweepstakes

With the continuing evolution of social touch points and technology, how do brands position themselves to grow their market share? This article will address the top 10 trends in rebates and sweepstakes to help companies stay on the leading edge of promotions marketing.

11 ECommerce Fulfillment Tips for the Holiday Shopping Season

Like it or not, the holiday shopping season arrives earlier and earlier each year and no one feels its effects more than online retailers. Ecommerce sales are expected to rise an additional 15.1 percent over last year, with a projected $61.8 billion spent in November and December alone. The time is now to prepare for the holiday rush and keep your brand on shoppers’ “nice list.” Here are 11 tips to help get you through the season.

Rebate Strategies to Prevent Fraud & Stay Compliant

Rebates are one of the most effective ways to increase sales and gain visibility for a product or service. However, before beginning a rebate program it is critical for brands to educate themselves on the rules and regulations surrounding rebate fraud and compliance.