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5 Key eCommerce Takeaways From 2015

With 2015 recently passing, it’s a good time to look back at the past year and the ways ecommerce order fulfillment and shipping has changed. There is no doubt the online retail space is evolving fast as the pressure for faster and cheaper delivery continues to shape the industry. Online retailers and carriers alike are working hard to adjust to the demands of this new, dynamic marketplace and the sky-high customer expectations that are part of retail today.

2016 Promotions: 3 Things You Can’t Ignore

At a time when consumers continue to have more options when it comes to how they make product purchases, one thing remains constant – their buying decisions continue to be influenced by incentive-based programs like rebates and sweepstakes.

4 Reasons You Need a Fulfillment Center With Apparel Fulfillment Experience

If you sell apparel from your online store, you understand the unique fulfillment and shipping challenges clothing presents. Regardless if you manage the process in-house, or work with a third party, it’s necessary to consider the many ways apparel fulfillment is different than shipping any other type of product.

Inventory Management

CFOs and other senior executives in every industry are pressured constantly to lower their inventory investment – all while maintaining accessibility, availability and quality assurance across the product-delivery continuum. Promotion Fulfillment Center’s (PFC) fulfillment systems are designed to optimize inventory management – enabling companies to contain and maintain cost and continuity across every service level.

Are You Prepared for the Dimensional Weight Pricing Model?

With careful planning and a little legwork, you can work around this shipping rate hike that was thrust upon the world by UPS and FedEx, or at least make it more tolerable. And we can help!

Delivering on the Brand Experience

With the holidays rapidly approaching and ecommerce shopping ramping up, this is a very crucial time of year to ensure you are delivering on your brand experience.

Product Fulfillment Strategies for the Holidays

As predicted, online holiday sales are expected to rise double-digits again this year, up 14 percent from 2013 according to a forecast from Deloitte. Similar to last year, 2014 has a shorter holiday shopping season, with only 26 days between Black Friday and Christmas.

The Evolution eCommerce And How Merchants Are Adapting

Today’s marketplace is forever changing and becoming more competitive by the minute. If merchants don’t adopt the strategies required to navigate the ever-shifting landscape, they will inevitably fall behind the pack and risk the inability to recover.

Why Outsource eCommerce Fulfillment

Brands can no longer rely on simply offering a quality product at an affordable price to remain competitive. They also need to provide excellent customer service that drives repeat purchases and enhances reputation. While brands may be in the business of providing a superior product, they often fall short when it comes to meeting customer expectations on the back end of the purchase. Below are a few reasons why outsourcing fulfillment can elevate your customer service experience and dramatically reduce your cost per order.

Which social platform is right for your sweepstakes or contest?

Consumer promotions such as sweepstakes and contests date back to the early 1930s. They were created to attract consumers to a brand and patronize its products. For many years, sweepstakes and contests were multichannel, relying solely on the US Postal Service to submit entries. Advertising was also limited to in-store promotions or via mail.