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Promotions Technology

Well-executed promotions rely on technology to ensure all channel strategies are met as well as detailed insights into campaign performance. At PFC, our results-based technology solutions deliver the big data you need to gain additional market share and an edge over the competition.

PFC utilizes a wide range of technologies to effectively manage rebates, sweepstakes, contests and other promotions for our clients. In addition to our robust reporting packages, we give consumers access to the latest technology allowing them to participate via various submission methods. We also provide complete 24/7 visibility into the status of their rebate or other promotion.

Accelerate your business goals with the latest technology innovations from PFC.
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Online Submission Tool

Give your consumers a convenient option to submit their rebate and enhance their brand experience with our online submission tool. This feature also helps reduce consumer inquiries and allows for incremental sales opportunities via online promotions and bounce back offers.

Online Rebate Tracker

Our proprietary rebate tracker allows your consumers to quickly check the status of their rebate. PFC can customize your online tracker to include your logo and other key brand information.

Promotions Reporting Portal

View critical business activity anytime, anywhere via our secure reporting tool. Our real-time interface gives you immediate access to redemption and submission activity. Gain valuable insight into how your campaign is progressing and determine if additional marketing is required to achieve your sales goals.