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Fulfillment Technology

A well-managed warehouse is only as good as the technology supporting it. Our Order Management System / Warehouse Management System provides robust functionality and seamless integration with all departments to access critical information in real time and manage key performance indicators.

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Accelerate your business goals with the latest technology innovations from PFC.
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Tighter Control

Our WMS maintains superior inventory accuracy with automated services such as cycle counting, lot and date expiration tracking, serial number tracking, work order transfers and replenishment. We’ll help you improve your control and visibility into many key areas of your business.

Maximum Efficiency

Our advanced processes improve picking, receiving and transportation functions. We work with multiple shipping and postal partners to provide the best ship method for your parcels and packages, based on your business goals. Our technology helps improve turn time and offers package tracking and email notifications to enhance your brand experience.

Complete Program Transparency

Our web-centric reporting gives you visibility into every aspect of your program. We offer a 24/7, 360-degree view of sales, returns, refunds, promotional rankings, order type (online, phone, mobile, etc.) and much more.