Sweepstakes programs and contests are an effective way to create excitement and engagement around your brand. PFC has years of experience providing valuable logistic support for all types of promotions – from regional contests and instant-win games to multi-tier or user-generated content promotions. When our team handles the details of your promotions program, you can be sure of its success.

What PFC Offers

  • Logistics planning – official rules, technical development
  • Legal review and compliance
  • Contest moderation, judging
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Winner verification
  • Prize procurement and fulfillment
  • Post-program analysis

Complete Security & Compliance

PFC combines the valuable knowledge of our in-house sweepstakes experts with outside firms for security and legal review of your sweepstakes programs – ensuring they meet all federal, state and local guidelines. We maintain strict process controls for each promotion and have built-in fraud prevention protocols to prevent problems from happening.

Create buzz and win more customers with a well-executed contest or sweepstakes program from PFC. Start the conversation today!