Online Rebate Submissions

Today’s consumers seek convenience along with a great deal. PFC makes it easy to give them both with our online rebate submission tool.  Using our secure portal, consumers can submit their proof-of-purchase and required information online or using their mobile device.  PFC can build a custom site for your brand that offers multiple submission options, contact forms, scan and attach features and additional promotions and incentives.

Benefits to Your Brand

  • Cost effective solution (reduced postage, processing and customer service)
  • Consumer convenience (helping you build brand loyalty)
  • Faster turn times
  • Transparency (real-time, detailed audit trails)
  • Total digital workflow
  • Data rich information on consumers and their buying habits

Key Features

  • Complete mobile solution
  • Compatible with all mobile devices
  • Manual validation
  • Comprehensive fraud detection
  • Flexibility to support program variations
  • Instant customer feedback
  • Detailed tracking, reporting and analytics

Online Rebate Tracker

PFC’s online tracker is a proprietary solution that allows clients and consumers to check the status of their rebates. More than 11 million rebate requests have been tracked through our exclusive branded online tool, which translates into millions of satisfied customers and a cost-effective solution for our valued clients. PFC can create a customized tracker with your brand logo, product images and any additional promotions or offers you would like to include.

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Bring your brand into the 21st century with our best-in-class online rebate solutions and enhance your consumer experience and marketing opportunities.