Promotion Analytics

PFC helps brands transform their marketing channel budget into an actively managed investment portfolio that yields a significant increase in ROI through the power of a big data analytics platform.

We offer a holistic approach to marketing analytics that tracks investment activity across all sales and marketing channels through a cross-channel tracking strategy. We help brands understand their true channel value, allowing them to more effectively target their marketing efforts. Our proven modeling strategy can forecast customer behavior across all marketing channels, allowing brands to make sound investment decisions now and in the future.

Our marketing data aggregation platform puts powerful decision-data into the hands of marketers using three core products: ChannelMix Feed seamlessly integrates cleansed data into existing systems and processes; ChannelMix Self Service offers an all-in-one toolkit for businesses including the infrastructure and visualization tools for analysis; ChannelMix Full Service combines our people with our platform to give any company the full complement of our professional services.

Data Management Services

  • Data Strategy Development
  • Automated Data Monitoring
  • Integrated Data Hygiene, Smart Channel Mapping
  • Custom Data Source Integration

Analysis & Modeling Services

  • Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling
  • Omni-Channel Attribution Modeling
  • Device Attribution Modeling
  • Predictive Models

Custom Reporting

  • Reporting Strategy Development
  • Dashboard Design & Build
  • Automated Daily/Dashboard Refresh
  • Data Visualization/Dashboard Training

Strategic Services

  • Strategic, Proactive Performance Insights
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Measurement Strategy Development

Web Analytics Services

  • Tracking Strategy Development
  • Custom Tracking Code Implementation
  • Google Certified Partner
  • Google Analytics Premium
  • ChannelMix ID