Rest Easy. We Take Compliance Seriously.

Companies who aren’t compliant with all federal and state regulations can be subject to severe penalties that can cost millions. PFC is here to protect you and your brand, by ensuring your promotion is in complete compliance.

How We Protect You.

  • We have an expert staff of CPAs and lawyers
  • PFC is current on all unclaimed property laws and reporting requirements for each state
  • We have established systems to guarantee your compliance
  • PFC has a cost effective solution for escheatment management

What is Escheatment?

Escheatment is the process of turning over unclaimed property (rebate checks) to state authorities. It is aggressively enforced by the Attorney General in each state and scrutiny is expected to increase as states scramble for budget dollars. PFC will protect you from costly fines and penalties by ensuring your company in compliant with all rules of escheatment.

FTC Compliance

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has countless regulations regarding how to properly execute a rebate. There are rules to protect both the consumers who submit the rebates as well as the companies who offer the rebates.

Some regulations include:

  • Truth in advertising
  • Terms of agreement
  • Length of time to submit/receive a rebate
  • Data collection & record keeping
  • Use of third party information

PFC keeps abreast of all regulations as well as any changes to FTC policy. We take the worry out of staying compliant by ensuring you are following the rules every step of the way. If you are ever faced with an audit, we’ll have the paper trail with complete and thorough documentation to back you up.

Specialty Rebates

Each state also has unique laws around products such as alcohol, firearms, gasoline, utilities and dairy. We are on top of all these regulations and will keep you in compliance with all applicable state laws.