ecommerce fulfillment

Partner with PFC and join leading brands who count on our dynamic ecommerce fulfillment services and logistics expertise. We know every brand has a unique set of requirements for delivering a perfect brand experience to its consumers. PFC is an ecommerce fulfillment provider that operates in a flexible, cost effective and scalable environment to satisfy peak seasons and market fluctuations. Beyond pick and pack processes, we offer customized value-add product fulfillment services to enhance your brand and expand sales opportunities. Web and ecommerce fulfillment pricing is dependent on your unique program requirements. Get an assessment to help determine if PFC is the right fit for you and your brand.

Integrated Fulfillment Solutions

Accurate order picking and packing, and effective product fulfillment will help you deliver on your brand experience. PFC offers reliable on-time ecommerce fulfillment services. From quality receiving processes to transportation analysis to returns processing – our fulfillment supply chain management is designed to maximize cost savings and provide the most flexible distribution solutions available.

Real Time Order Status and Tracking

PFC puts your customer in the driver’s seat with self-service options for order status and shipment tracking. Our systems provide real-time updates and user-friendly tracking. Consumers have access to order delays and estimated ship times with links directly tied to the tracking pages for USPS, UPS or FED-Ex. This comprehensive, customized solution is designed to make the experience transparent and effective. PFC is the fulfillment center that keeps you informed every step of the way.

Superior Contact Center Services

As a full-service ecommerce fulfillment company, PFC can serve as an extension of your brand with our friendly, knowledgeable phone and email agents. Our high standards for training and certification result in first-call resolution and happy, loyal customers. We use a unique ticket control system to efficiently track issues and quickly arrive at the root cause of the call. We are passionate about service and support and it shows in the commitment our employees make to you and your brand.

Real Time Connectivity/Integration

Give your customers the eCommerce fulfillment experience they deserve. PFC offers real time connectivity to a wide-range of shopping cart platforms along with EDI connectivity. Our well-seasoned and knowledgeable IT team can identify best-in-class solutions that are not only cost-effective, but dynamic.

Custom Programming Enhancements

Gaining a loyal following is tougher and tougher these days. But savvy companies who reward their shoppers with extra perks can build a unique online fulfillment experience and outpace the competition.

PFC, an ecommerce fulfillment provider with more than four decades of experience, can help you reach your sales goals by offering flexible consumer incentives. Our robust Customer Relationship Management systems are designed to handle a wide-range of promotional and operational metrics.

Flexible, Cost-Effective Shipping Options

At PFC, we don’t just look at weight and time when shipping a package – instead we use advance logic to determine the total cost of the package that factors in your ship requirements. This rigorous analysis will determine the best ship method and ensure on-time arrival at the lowest possible cost.

Our clients come to us because they expect excellence – and they know we consistently deliver on that promise.